MKIV Supra "Gokey Spec" Coilover Suspension

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In collaboration with Shaft Works USA we bring to market a set of coilovers finally designed, spec'd, and built for the MKIV with the "Gokey Spec" touch! 

Double Digressive Piston. Allows for a comfortable ride on the way to the track as well as on track. Little compromise from full race to street manners.

Properly designed coil-over package to maximize both droop and compression travel. No more guessing on how to adjust your ride height properly.

27 Click adjust-ability. Every click has an equal incremental change that the driver can feel.

Shock Dyno graphs provided with every order.

Price includes shipping, each set is custom built to order. Expect 5+ weeks for delivery. Once order is placed, you have 24 hours to cancel. No returns/cancellations are accepted after the 24 hour grace period.


Street Version: Featuring 14kg/10kg Swift Springs, Polyurethane Top Hat Bushings

Track Version; 16kg/14kg Swift Springs, Helper Springs, Spherical Bearing Top Hats

Custom Spec Version: Custom Swift Spring Combo, Spherical Bearing Top Hats


*it is recommended to replace shock oil every 15k miles based on driving style, conditions, and temperature*