About Us

What is "Gokey's Garage" exactly?

Gokey's Garage was founded by Tanner Gokey who has been welding since he was a kid, he discovered TIG Welding by attending a night school class with his Dad for fun, ever since then he's been hooked on TIG Welding. Fast forward several years, multiple jobs, a few business ventures, a deployment overseas, and many other life events... he decided it was time again. This is a no gimmicks, no tricks, self made company, what you see is what you get. 

We specialize in producing 100% Made in USA products that help the amateur and professional fabricator alike. We strive to set the bar higher than what people are use to, "good enough" is NOT the way we operate. We use what we sell, we sell what we use, so you know that you will always get our "Gokey Guarantee" no matter what it is, from weld bungs, to t-shirts. If it doesn't meet our standards it goes in the trash.

If needing to speak in person or set up a phone appointment, please email us at sales@gokeysgarage.com and we can arrange that.

 As a fresh start up during the Covid-19 Era, it's put a lot of strain on trying to get parts manufactured, shipped, sourced, ect. So if things are out of stock please bear with us as we try to fulfill orders in a timely fashion. If you are in need of a large quantity please let us know! 

 Please check us out on Instagram @gokeys.garage

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